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Social Media Advertising

Leverage the power of social media with ads, engagements, promotions, offers and influencers.


One of the most new yet the most effective concept which has changed the face of internet marketing immensely is advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin. Tailor fitting your advertising campaigns to the specific environment of the social networking sites can help you maximize traffic, brand engagement, leads, sales and well build up a comprehensive online presence.
A good marketing strategy is one of the secrets to a successful business because it bridges the gap between the company, the customer, and the end consumer.To derive the best result out of social media advertising, it is very necessary to have a proper strategy framed, proper planning that complies with your business’ end objectives. And that is what exactly we focus on most before promoting your business on social media sites. We build a rock solid strategy first and then implement it perfectly.
Business wise, it is a great move on your part to get into social media marketing for empowering your business identity in the virtual community. And we will cover you with all types of ads and promotions in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest as your business requires in order to expand and strengthen  your business clientele.
The world of advertising and marketing has advanced to a high level where it is not enough anymore to just post your advertisement online and leave it at that. Today, the process of advertising and the moments after, are extremely competitive. We study your audience and customers, draw them in and promote their brands.
We will organize the marketing strategy with the voice of your company and pull everything together in order to have a successful advertising campaign. As per your business needs, We will generate traffic, sales, brand awareness, promote your products and services and bring global fame to your name.
Aside from providing you regular advertising services, we will analyze your audience and their interest and introduce you to untapped markets that you can exploit. You can swiftly move and make use of the opportunity.
As a digital marketing agency , advertising on social media has been our every day job since the beginning and it’s been six years. From normal post boosting to segmenting audience, integrating retargeting to webstores, creating audience list, dynamic product promotion and so on .. everything is at our fingers end. Despite dramatic changes of features, interfaces and ad technologies everyday , we cope up with it all seamlessly because these are what we do for clients.
Get in touch today and let us show you how much impact social media advertising can bring on your business.

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Some Of the Brands We touched

What Our Clients Says

Todd Vitollo , Columbia Vitolo Team | Corcoran Group


"Real estate niche is very competitive everyday. It's tough to maintain good ad ranking. With the SEM service of PPC Engine, we were able to keep our ads' position at 1-3rd position and the best part of the story is we had control over the CPC. They saved us a lot of money while providing us better rank."

Johannes Buch

Johannes Buch, Click & Green

  Director of Marketing

"Well , I am kinda speechless how they were able to help us with our German language site. They did it very well with marketing and fixed a lot of issues in the back-end of our site. We were not being able to accomplish our ROI target with paid search ads and finally we did it wiht the help of PPC Engine."

Donne Bab

Donne Bab, Gauge Magazine


"We were in serious trouble with our bigcommerce store. There was something wrong going on with our store and its API that we couldn't integrate to Google Shopping. Guys from PPC Engine fixed them all and helped us generate huge amount of sales from google. They also provided awesome consultancy on how we could grow our sales on some other platforms and how we could make more money from our site."


Paulo Freitag , Alkaline Superfoods


"We used almost all of the services PPC Engine provides.  They built our site, promoted it on Google,Facebook, Bing, Twitter, ebay, Adroll, Amazon and some other local marketplaces of Australia. Our current social media setup was also done by PPC Engine guys. We are very pleased to work with them"

Jason Coley

Jason Coley, Next Gen Busienss


"It's been almost four years since I have started taking services of PPC Engine for my several online businesses. They have been extraordinary in every aspects of their services - consultation, implementation and support. I recommend PPC Engine for the growth of any online business."

Alison Sewel

Alison Sewel , Beautiful Robes

  Head of Operation

"PPC Engine have been outstanding with their eCommerce store buildup and marketing for all of my online stores. They do what they say and they are always hungry to achieve the goal they set up and  that was the key reason I am very happy with their services."